Providing sales services to businesses

Is your company struggling to meet sales targets?
Do you want to quickly expand your market position and increase revenues?
We are here to help

Our services include:

Providing sales services to businesses

B2B sales services

We act as your local representative, helping to bring your company’s product/service to potential customers in Estonia and nearby countries. We understand local consumer preferences and market dynamics and can ensure that your products are quickly marketed.

Providing sales services to businesses

B2C sales services

We know the preferences and market dynamics of local consumers and can ensure that products are distributed quickly.

Providing sales services to businesses

Software (SaaS) solutions sales

Selling SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions in Estonia and bordering markets requires a specialised approach. Our expertise in SaaS sales will help you build relationships with companies in Estonia and nearby countries, including Poland.

Onlain müük

Online sales

In today’s digital age, online sales are crucial. We offer a comprehensive sales outsourcing solution for your company’s online products and services using a variety of online sales channels to increase your customer base and active sales.

Providing sales services to businesses

Entering new markets

For multinational companies looking to enter Estonian or neighbouring markets, we offer a comprehensive representation service. We handle the complexities of market entry, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and conduct market research on your behalf.

Providing sales services to businesses

Retail sales assistance

Our years of experience and negotiation skills can help you place your product (including alcohol) in various retail chains. In addition, we can assist you in organising product sales campaigns, tastings and other activities.

Providing sales services to businesses

Finding partners in new markets

We have a business network in several markets and will find the right partner for your product/service. Our sales outsourced team help you to win more customers.

Providing sales services to businesses

Cold calls

We know how difficult it is to find people who are constantly looking to make new contacts. We’re happy to do it, helping you create better sales channels.


Distance sales

We meet with customers all over the world, without having to travel. We sell products/services using social networks and media platforms.

Providing sales services to businesses

Market mapping

Before entering a new market, we recommend conducting a market research to understand the potential and attractiveness of your product/service in the new consumer pool. We carry out market research to identify the potential new market and market niche for your product/service.

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