About us

We are your sales Outsourcing partner!

We have more than 20 years of sales experience in various sectors:

  • start-up and software sales;
  • financial and insurance services;
  • industries;
  • construction companies;
  • water companies;
  • HVAC companies (heating, ventilation, cooling);
  • OEMs (equipment manufacturers);
  • loyalty solutions;
  • leasing, cars, real estate;
  • retail chain stores;
  • online sales;
  • sales on Amazon

As a result, we have a wealth of practical experience, knowledge of how to approach different customers and an understanding of what strategies to use and how to effectively close the deal.

Whether you are a start-up or a long-established business, optimising and streamlining your sales processes is critical in the current economic climate.

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About us


More than 20 years of sales experience in various fields in Estonia and abroad (financial, insurance, automotive, real estate, SaaS, start-up, online, Amazon).

About us


More than 16 years of sales experience and 10 years of sales management starting from sales engineer to CEO of a sales company.

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